Self-Service Photocopiers

Our compact A4 black & white digital photocopier is the smallest machine in the world, occupying only 45cm² of floor space.  It is user-friendly and simple to operate – your customers simply place the document they wish to copy underneath the lid, select the number of copies they require and press the green ‘copy’ button.

Black & White A4 Photocopier

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the A4 copier

Q. What do I get each month?
A. Charge Any Price (CAP) Deal
• 1100 A4 Black & White copies!

• 100 A4 Colour copies!
• Charge whatever retail price you want!
• All Service & Consumables included!
• All for £65+VAT per month!

You could make…
1100 A4 Black & White copies sold at 10p you take £110.00!
100 A4 colour copies sold at 20p you take £20.00!
That’s a profit of £52.00 per month!

Q. Do I have to purchase the equipment?
A. Absolutely not!  Once you are accepted as an Ezeecopy customer, we supply the equipment and everything to operate it such as service, parts, paper, ink and signage at no cost to you.

Q. What do I do to order supplies?
A. Ring us and we will despatch immediately.  Most orders are completed and delivered within 24 hours.  

Contact us for more details, or find out about our Passport / ID Photo Printer

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